[mythtv-users] Listings for radio channels on freesat

Robin Neatherway robthebob at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 17:48:40 UTC 2008

> Not a problem if you run the grabber and mythfilldatabase manually via
> cron or similar. Generate your XMLTV data file(s) containing listings
> for a subset of the channels on a videosource, and run
> mythfilldatabase for each file, specifying the --sourceid and --update
> flags. Each update should only update those channels specified in the
> XMLTV data, leaving the other channels assigned to the videosource
> untouched.
> You can only have 1 videosource assigned to a card input (via Input
> Connections) but you can have multiple listings sources providing
> source for a single videosource.

Thanks, I've now updated my cron job to use this idea.


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