[mythtv-users] IMO the two best features of MythTV 0.21...

Glen Hawksworth glenhawk at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jun 22 06:53:53 UTC 2008

...are DVB-Multirecord and "Avoid back to back recordings from different

However if they worked together it they would be even better, eg. "Avoid
back to back recordings from different channels even within the same
The current back-to-back rule is good because it allows both programs to
soft-over-record and you don't miss any of your show but when the shows
are on different channels within the same multiplex it should use a
different virtual card for the recordings. This would free up the other
actual cards for other channels.
To extend this thought back to back recordings on the same channel
should always use different virtual cards so that you never have to
watch the end of one show on the start of another.

PLEASE, if this is already possible, let me know how to do it. If not, I
hope it comes along soon.

Currently I force a different card use by making selected recordings
finish one minute late (creating conflicts between back-to-back
recordings) but sometimes this causes more conflicts than I can handle.
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