[mythtv-users] Low-Profile Video Card Source ???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jun 21 19:56:00 UTC 2008

On Saturday 21 June 2008 13:41:43 Raphael wrote:
> Chris Ribe wrote:
> > Every Nvidia [5-7][2-3]00 I have ever seen has been low profile ready
> > (granted, these total about 5 cards).  The VGA at the "top" of the
> > bracket is always connected to the card by a ribbon, while the DVI and
> > TV connectors are soldered to the board.
> >
> > (yes, I am top posting.  I have been expanding my email horizons lately,
> > and have discovered that the rest of the civilized world finds bottom
> > posting strange and confusing)
> When I first came to the list, I got scolded for top-posting - because I
> didn't know the etiquette. You've done even worse by saying you know
> what the standard practice is, and decided to change it right in the
> middle of a thread....

The bottom line here is that it is Isaac's list, and he has requested no top 
posting. End of discussion as far as I'm concerned.

I'm on a few lists that normally top post, but those are low-traffic lists 
where everyone is following every thread and knows what's happening. I 
believe it would not work well on this list.

> But I do agree, most of the NV5200-7200 cards are low profile. I have a
> Chaintech FX5200 that is low profile, but only has VGA out. It isn't
> much of a problem for me though considering how much easier it is for me
> to get a modeline working over VGA than HDMI.

Well now *you* are generalizing :-)

I have many such cards, and none of them are lo-profile (obviously, or I 
wouldn't be looking for one). Most of these were purchased long ago, so it 
may be that newer cards are lo-pro, but certainly "most" of them are not, at 
least the ones in my junk drawer :-)

A related matter: My $20 front end has BIOS old enough that it doesn't know 
how to boot from a CD. I found the SBM (Smart Boot Manager) which took care 
of that problem.

Funny, but I'm having more fun trying to get a $20 machine to work as a F/E 
than I do with a $1000 unit (because I know that will work). If this works I 
can have a F/E in every room for under $100. Of course I could just use MVPs 
I guess, I've seen them used pretty cheap.


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