[mythtv-users] Mythweb: file "does not exist in any recognized storage group directories for this host."

george.smith at arcor.de george.smith at arcor.de
Sat Jun 21 15:41:35 UTC 2008

I'm having a problem in which mythweb does not find files for recordings. I can watch these same recordings via mythfrontend. When I click the link to download or stream a recording in mythweb I get a page displaying error messages like the following:

1002_20080527050000.mpg does not exist in any recognized storage group directories for this host.

I'm new to mythtv, so please excuse any obvious oversights or mistakes setting things up. I have a system with one master backend and one slave backend. Each has local filesystems only. Both backends have a default storage group as follows (lukoff is the master, aelfric is the slave):

mysql> select * from storagegroup where groupname = "Default" order by hostname;
| id | groupname | hostname | dirname                     |
| 27 | Default   | aelfric  | /var/video/mythtv/recorded/ | 
| 26 | Default   | lukoff   | /media/myth1/maxtor500gb/   | 
| 22 | Default   | lukoff   | /var/video/mythtv/recorded/ | 

If I check the entry in the table "recorded" for a file that gives me the above error message, I get the following:

mysql> select hostname, storagegroup, basename from recorded where title = "Howard Hawks";
| hostname | storagegroup | basename                |
| aelfric  | Default      | 1002_20080527050000.mpg | 

On aelfric, the file /var/video/mythtv/recorded/1002_20080527050000.mpg does exist. I can watch this recording in mythfrontend on both aelfric and lukoff.

Any ideas what I should be looking for?



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