[mythtv-users] LIRC and MacOS X

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Fri Jun 20 14:10:53 UTC 2008

At 4:11 AM -0700 6/20/08, rwk wrote:
>Would you be so kind as to post your lirc enabled port somewhere it can be

I tried to send you an email directly but got a "spam score exceeded" bounce.  Seems you have an overly aggressive filter.

I've got a version of .21-fixes with LIRC support enabled (and Apple Remote disabled).  However, the last time I tried to upload to Dave Snider's repository (theSniderPad.com), it failed.  That was ~2 months ago.

If Sam isn't able to help, ping me and I'll try again.

BTW, the frontend alone is 114 MB.  Do you want just the FE or the full suite?


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