[mythtv-users] Problems with watching a recording that is still recording with increased speed

Andreas Vermehren AVermehren at gmx.de
Fri Jun 20 09:41:40 UTC 2008

Dear all,

I have a problem watching Live-TV with increased speed. Maybe I'm missing a few things.

I would like to start watching a little later and see the start in increased speed till I'm "live" and than continuing with the normal speed, till I'm pausing or rewinding and than watch again with increased speed till I'm again "live". Therefore I have to watch a recording that is still recording to do this. Since Live-TV wont allow me to skip at the start of the broadcast.

Unfortunatly MythTV is doing it a little bit different. It is working to watch the recording with increased speed, although it is still recording, till I'm live. When I'm live it is still trying to play the broadcast with incread speed. To make this, it is stoping to play till enought video is aviable and than plays it with increased speed.

E.g. if I have the speed 1.5, it will wait till 1.5 seconds, than will play this 1.5 seconds in 1 second, pause and wait 0.5 seconds than play the video in 1.5 seconds and than wait again.

This is going on my nerves and the only solution is to reduce the speed to 1.0. But when I'm than pausing and rewinding, I'm not "live" anymore. Of course I can than increase the speed again, but first of all I'm forgetting this and secondly it will again studdering once I hit "live".

Is there a solution that MythTV will automatical reduce the speed to 1.0 if it is "live" and automatical increase the speed again to the amount I have set it, if it isn't "live" anymore?

I know one solution would be to wait till the broadcast it finished and than watch it. This way I could watch it all at increased speed with pausing and rewinding, BUT the things is that I want to watch is the soccer EM and my neighbors are so loud that I can't miss it, if there is a goal. So when I'm not live, I'll already know the score and therefore spoiling everything.
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