[mythtv-users] The purpose of a Secondary Backend is...

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jun 20 03:05:04 UTC 2008

On 06/19/2008 10:06 PM, glenhawk at optusnet.com.au wrote:
> ...well I thought I knew but now I'm not sure. Is there any documentation somewhere discussing the virtues of Secondary Backends?

Allows me to run 4 pcHDTV HD-3000's even though I can't find a single
power supply that provides power clean enough to run 4 in a single
machine stably.  Allows me to put have a ton of storage without having
to buy a refrigerator-sized case.  Allows me to take advantage of
computers I have scattered around my house.  Allows me to put recorders
on various rooms (i.e. with various different cable/satellite/antenna

And, for those who haven't yet figured out how to use MythTV (or any
DVR, for that matter), if each frontend is also a backend, having those
multiple backends allows LiveTV to be captured with a local capture card
(i.e. reducing network requirements), assuming it's not currently busy
recording a scheduled recording.

> I figured that a Secondary Backend was there to take some load off the Master but other that additional recordings I wasn't sure what they were for. I have found since that it is possible to run the database on a Secondary Backend but other than that...?

Database server can be on any machine that's accessible via the network
(i.e. need not be on any backend or frontend).

> I was interested to know if a Secondary Backend could run independently from the Master. EG, can you switch on the Secondary to watch something it recorded without having to have the Master on?


> I think I have found that you can't do that, it needs to see the database to be able to run, is that correct?

Definitely true.  It also needs the master backend for some stuff.

> If so, that is a shame because I was hoping I could create a portable PC that I could lug around to other peoples places or functions to watch recorded TV (sporting events, movies, etc). If it was easier to export recorded TV to AVI then I'd probably just do that but HDTV is just so pretty ;-)

mythrename.pl --link, cp, and xine/MPlayer/VLC/... (or even MythTV's
"test" program mythtv).


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