[mythtv-users] Listings for radio channels on freesat

Robin Neatherway robthebob at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 19:40:03 UTC 2008

> I put in a request with the Radio Times a few weeks ago to add radio
> channels (and a few other channels currently unavailable) to the XMLTV
> feed. I'm waiting to hear back from them as to whether this is
> possible. I'd rather they dropped all of the shopping channels
> listings and replaced them with useful ones!

Me too! Look forward to the feedback on this one.

> It's not a problem to use multiple grabbers for different channels, as
> long as you keep the XMLTV IDs associated with the correct grabber.
> You might want to use the '--update' option with mythfilldatabase to
> stop new channels being created. My setup currently uses DVB-T EIT for
> radio channels, and tv_grab_uk_rt for all others.

Even for channels on the same video source? How would mythfilldatabase
know what to do seeing as the grabber is configured on a per-source
basis? I suppose I could use -infile.

>>  * Now and Next EIT. Probably the easiest option, and I guess it would
>>  catch what I wanted most of the time.
> Possible - but you might miss a recording if you're recording a long
> programme and the EIT grabber cannot grab the now/next information.

Good point


Frustratingly things aren't very easy on that front here in Bath. I
would just use DVB-T solely like I used to in York if that was a
possibility. As it is, I'm quite glad I can get digital at all.

Thanks for the tips,


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