[mythtv-users] ticket locking

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 19 16:47:48 UTC 2008

Ronald Frazier wrote:
>> The size of the codebase was not under my direct influence.
>> Is the code, the compiler, etc so flaky?
>> Don't say I told you there might be a leak.
> You need to tone it down a bit. You may not intend it, but a lot of
> your posts are coming across as quite abrasive.

I will be on an aus-english course during the month of september.
I did take a uk (london) english course during last september.
I survived OK then.

> Also, you seem to not comprehend just how complex of an issue this is,
> and how difficult it is to track down. 

If I can set it up in a not so complicated way and just let it run and
see (supposed) leaks.
Anybody can run it and find similar issues.
I can't run valgrind and certainly not at this moment (disk is kaputt)
but if it is so eay, why is it not routinely used?

> You must not be a programmer, because if you were you'd be well aware
> of how you can bang your head on the wall for days trying to track
> down way less obscure bugs.

I am not a programmer yes.
Am also not the n00b user that you see occasionally.

I just am somewhat ciritically looking at stuff.
And yes, my system doesn't help.
If it had enough horsepower the valgrind would have run by now. (not
taking the disk into account)


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