[mythtv-users] good capture card?

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Thu Jun 19 13:59:48 UTC 2008

> Apparently there's one with four inputs. :-)

> What was the thing? One of those security cams that outputs to 4 images
> on a LCD or something?

It doesn't output. It is a capture card. It will capture video from 4
cameras at once.

Depo, you need to be careful about googling around for 'capture cards'. That
is the generic name for any device that captures any kind of video to a
computer. So you are going to get all kinds of stuff from the video
editing/broadcasting community. Your confusion by most of this thread is
related to this issue. For recording a TV signal you generally need a
tuner/capture card. Cards with a tuner can tune into the TV signal and then
capture/encode it for your use on the computer. All of the QAM,
analog/digital, encryption, etc. stuff is related to the portion of your
card that would need to tune/decode your TV signal. I would stick to the
mythtv wiki where you will get examples of hardware that people are using
with mythtv rather than general stuff off of google.

I agree that it is a very bad idea to build a mythtv system for someone
else. Even the most seasoned mythtv users are weary of doing something like
that. To get yourself started I would use the wiki to educate yourself about
what type of tuner/capture card you are going to need and get that. Then get
Mythbuntu and follow the guides from that community to setup your system.
Once you have that in place you can figure the rest out as you go.
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