[mythtv-users] Easy way to move recordings to another machine?

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Thu Jun 19 13:26:24 UTC 2008

> > My NFS shares have been set up as /mnt/<hostname> and the myth data is
> stored
> > under /mnt/<hostname>/video on both my current backends.
> >
> Thanks for the assistance.
> So I make sure I'm doing this right, here's my current configuration:
> Master backend - recordings stored locally under /var/video/recordings
> Slave backend - recordings stored locally under /var/video/recordings
> What mount points / storage group would I need to set up to allow each
> machine write access to each other's var/video/recordings?

That won't work because the same physical storage needs to be mounted in the
same place on both machines. What you currently have described has two
different physical locations mounted to the same place on both machines. As
the previous poster stated, you would need something like this:

Master backend:
  /mnt/master/video/recordings - this is local
  /mnt/slave/video/recordings - this is NFS
Slave backend:
  /mnt/master/video/recordings - this is NFS
  /mnt/slave/video/recordings - this is local
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