[mythtv-users] Fixing Closed captioning with Ringbuffer size

Beny Spensieri Jr benyjr at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 18 23:16:45 UTC 2008

I read a post on the ivtv mailing list where someone was able to fix the closed captioning on his PVR-350 by changing the size of the ringbuffer for the function ivtv_vbi_setup in ivtv-streams.c in the kernel and then recompiling.

I tried this on my FC6, x86_64 system and while it did work, I can't run X on my TV out.

I changed my ringbuffer size from 8 to 32.

Does anyone know how I can get X working again?  I can still switch back since I didn't overwrite the previous kernel, so I can still get it working, but I just have to get it working when I'm so close to finally fixing this issue.



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