[mythtv-users] Torn HD video with MythTV under Gentoo

Marc Barrett mnealbarrett at cox.net
Wed Jun 18 21:36:25 UTC 2008

My setup involves a 3Ghz Dell Optiplex GX/270, with a 350G SATA hard drive, 
1.5G of RAM, and a firewire connection to a Motorola DHC-3200 STB.  I was 
using a Ubuntu-based setup, which worked mostly, except that it would act like
my box was just a bit too slow to keep up with playing almost-full HD video 
(I have the STB set to 1080i, but my monitor is 1680x1050).  A lot of time, 
the video on an HD channel would be "jerky", or the audio would stutter, or 
I would have other problems.

So, I decided to try to re-do everything with a Gentoo-based setup.  Under
Gentoo, it does feel a lot more responsive.  All the SD channels work fine, 
no problems.  Some of the HD channels work, like the HD version of the
History channel.  But a lot of the HD channels have "torn" video;  the video
has severe horizontal tearing, like adjacent scanlines are offset or something.
I can't quite describe it.

Anyway, I was wondering if someone who has a working Gentoo-based setup
could give me your make.conf file.  Perhaps I could use that to do my setup
again and figure out where I went wrong.

I hope I can figure this out, because under Gentoo the few channels that do work, 
work beautifully.  All the problems I was having with Ubuntu have gone away with 
Gentoo.  I just don't know why I'm getting that tearing problem with most of the other 
HD channels.

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