[mythtv-users] Questions for a rebuild; xen update anyone?

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Jun 18 19:56:48 UTC 2008

I want, or I need, to rebuild my myth server. My current server is fc7
and myth 0.20.2. I have a PVR350, 250, and 150. lirc started acting up
several weeks ago. It started getting sluggish or locking up. Now it
barely runs a day without the remote locking up. 

I'm very interested in getting some new hardware (have to convince the
wife first) and using xen to consolidate machines I'm running. I also
need to find a motherboard with 3+ PCI slots and the ability to run core
2 duo or core 2 quad.

I take care of xen servers for work, so I'm fairly comfortable with it.
I read some of the recent threads about myth on xen. Some said they got
myth to work with xen, but they had stability issues. Anyone been
running mythtv in xen domU?

My current system is a combined FE/BE. I'd like to split that and run my
FE on a dedicated system. I know that contradicts my consolidation idea,
but I really do want to split the FE and BE. I also have an MCE remote
and USB receiver that came with one of my tuner cards. I've been
following the other thread on this topic. I'd really like to know if my
old grey hauppauge remotes will work if I use the MCE USB receiver. I
asked in the other thread but got now answers. If I split the FE I'll
need an IR receiver. 

Any thoughts are appreciated. 


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