[mythtv-users] ticket locking

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Wed Jun 18 19:47:44 UTC 2008

Udo van den Heuvel wrote:
> Andrew Williams wrote:
>> If its a leak, valgrind is the best option, otherwise you'll be
>> looking for a needle in a haystack. Diagnosing the issue without a
>> valgrind log would be damm near impossible.
> Then you'll have to wait for my valgrind help until VIA releases one of
> those EPIA boards with that new faster CPU (with supported video chip,
> etc, etc).
> So if there's any other info that could help, just let me know.
> Kind regards,
> Udo

There's a couple of things here that haven't been said yet.

Firstly, you're running trunk. Don't. Run 0.21-fixes, as was
recommended on the dev mailing list and the commits mailing
list. Trunk is currently undergoing major work to transition
to QT4, as well as a migration to MythUI that won't affect
your use case.

Secondly, you only have to run valgrind for a couple of
hours (or until growth starts, at least). You don't leave it
running for weeks. You will have to compile it yourself with
--enable-valgrind (ISTR), otherwise you will hit internal

Thirdly, you need to be sure of what you're actually seeing.

As many others have said, there is a difference between
virtual (VSZ) and resident (RSS). This is not as simple as
"swapped out" and "swapped in".

ps aux |grep mythbackend
root     16193  0.9  2.6 417432 104704 ?       Sl   Jun17
19:00 /usr/local/bin/mythbackend -v important,channel,record
-l /var/log/mythbackend.log

This is a normal instance of mythbackend which has been
running for a day, on a 4Gb RAM host.

As others have said, there is no incentive for any
developers to replicate your environment. Myth is not a
product, it's a hobby.



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