[mythtv-users] Easy way to move recordings to another machine?

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Wed Jun 18 17:19:33 UTC 2008

> What would happen if the mounted drive was not online?  In other
> words, if I have an extra 100 gigs on my windows machine, have that
> drive mounted on my backend (which is also my frontend), and then add
> that path to the default storage group (/win2/myth), and I decide to
> turn off my windows machine when myth is not writing to it, will it be
> smart enough to realize that the drive is not accessible and only try
> to write recordings to the local path (/video/recordings) instead of
> the now-non-accessible CIFS mounted path?  Or am I just playing with
> fire here?

Yes Myth will handle this fine if you set your folders/mounts up the way
described in the previous post. To clarify, you don't want to tell myth to
record directly to a mount point, because the mount point will be a regular
folder if the mount fails (e.g. your other machine is turned off). Since the
folder is there Myth will record to it. However, your intention was to have
it record to a remote file system mounted to that folder not into the local
folder. But Myth can't make that distinction because you just give it a path
and that path exists, so as far as Myth is concerned nohting is wrong.
However, if you tell myth to record to a subfolder of your mounted
filesystem, then when the system isn't mounted, Myth won't find that folder
and it will move onto whatever else is available and record there.
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