[mythtv-users] What IR receiver do you use?

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> Thanks for all your responses. This gives me somewhere to start.
> I'm not familiar with MCE. From some of the preceding discussion and my
> searches on the Internet, I gather it's a remote. Does it also come with
> a target? I get the impression that there are several kinds of remotes
> that are called MCE remotes, but, I don't know what distinguishes an MCE
> from another kind of remote.
> Kevin, Your description of using a JP1 keyboard, not using lirc because
> you're programming the JP1,of  the keyboard, sounds interesting. I have
> a couple of Universal Electronics remotes (http://www.ueic.com/) lying
> around here so, I'll have to keep that in mind to look into later when I
> want a project to entertain me on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
> Marc, Your description of using the StreamZap sounds promising. I'll
> have to look into that some more.
> Ceri, The link to your blog is really useful. I'm not planning to use
> that approach, but, your description of the process you went through to
> get your target working has some useful trouble shooting techniques in it.
> I don't think I'm quite ready to build my own target. I've looked at a
> couple of circuit diagrams and they seem simple enough, but, I tend to
> fry components when some puts a soldering iron in my hands.
> I've heard about a target called *USB-UIRT (http://www.usbuirt.com/).
> **The home page for it says that it's designed for Windows. **However,
> I've read some comments that it seems to work well as a receiver for
> Linux, but people can't get the transmit function to work. Also the page
> says they have a 'no-return' policy, so before I put down $58.00 for one
> I want to ask if anyone had any information on them and if you've had
> any problems setting one up for MythTV. I've read more about this target
> more than any other, so it looks rather attractive to me right now. I'll
> have to spend some more time trying to find out about StreamZap so I can
> compare them.
> By the way, I'm running on Fedora Core and I would like to try to use
> one of the UE *(http://www.ueic.com/) *universal remotes. From what I
> can tell, the suggested targets that work with ubuntu, and Knoppix
> should probably work on Fedora. If I find out any more I'll let you know.
> Does anyone know if Universal Electronics makes a target? They seem to
> make a lot of remotes, but I wonder if I've missed where they are
> selling targets.
> Thanks again for all your responses. Very useful stuff,
>  Carl.
> *
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The MCE remote comes with a receiver (USB).

here's the info on it:


it should do just about everything you need, and google thinks you can get
it for about $24.
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