[mythtv-users] What IR receiver do you use?

Carl Reynolds mythtv-users at hyperbole-software.com
Wed Jun 18 14:46:03 UTC 2008

Thanks for all your responses. This gives me somewhere to start.

I'm not familiar with MCE. From some of the preceding discussion and my 
searches on the Internet, I gather it's a remote. Does it also come with 
a target? I get the impression that there are several kinds of remotes 
that are called MCE remotes, but, I don't know what distinguishes an MCE 
from another kind of remote.

Kevin, Your description of using a JP1 keyboard, not using lirc because 
you're programming the JP1,of  the keyboard, sounds interesting. I have 
a couple of Universal Electronics remotes (http://www.ueic.com/) lying 
around here so, I'll have to keep that in mind to look into later when I 
want a project to entertain me on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Marc, Your description of using the StreamZap sounds promising. I'll 
have to look into that some more.

Ceri, The link to your blog is really useful. I'm not planning to use 
that approach, but, your description of the process you went through to 
get your target working has some useful trouble shooting techniques in it.

I don't think I'm quite ready to build my own target. I've looked at a 
couple of circuit diagrams and they seem simple enough, but, I tend to 
fry components when some puts a soldering iron in my hands.

I've heard about a target called *USB-UIRT (http://www.usbuirt.com/). 
**The home page for it says that it's designed for Windows. **However, 
I've read some comments that it seems to work well as a receiver for 
Linux, but people can't get the transmit function to work. Also the page 
says they have a 'no-return' policy, so before I put down $58.00 for one 
I want to ask if anyone had any information on them and if you've had 
any problems setting one up for MythTV. I've read more about this target 
more than any other, so it looks rather attractive to me right now. I'll 
have to spend some more time trying to find out about StreamZap so I can 
compare them.

By the way, I'm running on Fedora Core and I would like to try to use 
one of the UE *(http://www.ueic.com/) *universal remotes. From what I 
can tell, the suggested targets that work with ubuntu, and Knoppix 
should probably work on Fedora. If I find out any more I'll let you know.

Does anyone know if Universal Electronics makes a target? They seem to 
make a lot of remotes, but I wonder if I've missed where they are 
selling targets.

Thanks again for all your responses. Very useful stuff,


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