[mythtv-users] via m10000

Sarah Katherine Hayes sarah at sarahhayes.is-a-geek.net
Wed Jun 18 14:31:07 UTC 2008

Kevin Robbins wrote:
> Hey list,  I have recently purchased 2 Epia-m 10000 boards and am 
> determined to get them up and running as front ends. I have nbeen 
> playing with one for 4 days now and I still can't seem to figure out 
> why it has skippy (stalling briefly) playback during liveTv and 
> recordings. Video playback works fine.
> I am using the unichrome drivers right now which I think  were a 
> little improvement over the open chrome drivers that were selected by 
> default. The best improvement was made by switching the playback 
> options to normal and choosing via Xvmc for all the choices. So far 
> this has all been trial and error for me. I've googled so much all the 
> sites are visited but I still can't find an actual recommended setting 
> for the m10000.
> There has to be some just plain straight forward perfect setting for 
> this motherboard/graphics, it seems to be widely used. If someone 
> could lend a hand I promise to make a detailed wiki on what I learn.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
Until it died I used an MII10K which should be pretty similar to the 
systems you've got (mine had the little CF/PCMCIA duaghter board 
thingie).  Keep in mind that the C3 and C7 processors aren't the post 
powerful in the word.  They *CAN* make great frontends and I'm pretty 
sure I've seen people on this list using them as combined units.  I, 
personally, wasn't overly enamored with them but hey.

But as you've discovered, they can be a wee bit temperamental to get going.

I would recommend looking at either a specialist distro or going with 
Gentoo (I used -Os -march=c3-2 -pipe in my make.conf) as the C3's have 
had occasional issues with not being 100% i686 compatible processors; 
they're funky little things designed for low power so that's kinda 

How are you connecting the beast to the backend,  wireless or wired?  If 
WLAN is it a card with native Linux support? Is it 802.11g or better?  
PCI or USB?  Sounds like dumb questions but again I noticed my PCI 
rt26xx based card didn't work 'all that well' (it'd connect and I could 
watch recordings and stuff in MythVideo but it couldn't really run as 
fast as the Intel one in my laptop).  So it might be a good idea to see 
if slapping a cable in the back of it resolves the stuttering.

XvMC is one of those "here be dragons" things for me so I can't really 
help getting it going I'm afraid.

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