[mythtv-users] Multiple DVB Tuners and udev question

Stephen Bridges widget at stdin.co.uk
Tue Jun 17 21:46:28 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 17 June 2008 13:15:08 Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> David Watkins wrote:
> > Reasons for controlling the device order would be if the cards had.
> >
> > 1) Different channel sources
> > 2) Different device drivers
> > 3) Periphal attachments (such as an IR receiver) on one of the cards.
> > 4) Different performance (so use the lowest quality card last)

I'd add another:

5) Troubleshooting.  If one card starts mucking up recordings you want to know 
which one it is.

I have two identical DVB-T Nova-Ts running off a coax splitter.  One of my 
coax cables was dodgy a while back which meant that the pictures off one of 
the tuners, and working out which one it was was was a problem until the 
problem stopped being intermittent.

Saying that I've only been able to write a udev rule for the IR input for the 
cards, sorry.


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