[mythtv-users] music way louder than TV/video

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Jun 17 17:30:56 UTC 2008

Brian J. Stults wrote:
> I am using an up-to-date build of .21-fixes.  Since upgrading from .20 
> to .21, I have noticed that myth plays mp3 files *much* louder than TV 
> or video.  I use SPDIF, so the mixer sliders don't affect anything 
> (except muting).  I also use AC3 passthrough, though I don't think that 
> matters.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

I have this problem with TV recordings, but it's because the audio level
of my recording source is very low.  (Not much I can do about it; the
cable box puts out a wimpy audio signal.)

If you're recording from an analog source you may want to play with the
recording volume level and see if that helps.  I've always had to use
aumix to set it; I never had any luck using the sliders in MythTV's
setup screens.

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