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Mache Creeger mache at creeger.com
Tue Jun 17 15:17:40 UTC 2008

At 08:12 AM 6/17/2008, Mark Greenwood wrote:

>Fair enough. All I'm saying is that if you're having performance 
>issues then the VIA hardware is most likely to blame. It's good that 
>it's possible to make it work. I've come from a long history of 
>doing audio work with computers, and VIA hardware is so notoriously 
>bad that nobody will touch it - that's where I was coming from. It 
>wasn't my intention to put a dampener on things, sorry if that's how 
>it came across.

The M10000 has had a history of bad caps which have made people 
crazy. There are lots of web discussion about that and instructions 
to either fix them yourself or services that will do it for you. 
Also, I have 1GB of memory on my board.

-- Mache 
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