[mythtv-users] music way louder than TV/video

Brian J. Stults bstults at fsu.edu
Tue Jun 17 02:37:53 UTC 2008

Stuart Larson wrote:
>> As a workaround you can adjust the mythmusic volume to match the Live
>> TV volume right? I'm never checked but I assume they are independent
>> from one another...
>> Richard
> I don't know if this is relevant, as I don't run SPDIF or passthrough at
> all, but does it matter what recording volume you have set for your
> recording profile for default and/or LiveTV?

I could change this, and it would affect volume levels of live TV and 
recorded programs.  However, DVDs and other video files also have a much 
lower volume than mythmusic.  That is, everything seems to have the same 
volume level (e.g. live TV, recorded TV, DVDs, other video files), 
except files played with mythmusic, which are much louder.

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