[mythtv-users] is there a way to avoid tuning (recording) same multiplex on two different tuners?

Josť Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 18:54:01 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] is there a way to avoid tuning (recording)
>        same multiplex on two different tuners?
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>> When they are tuned to *different* multiplexes, they are able to
>> correct the signal and to give nice video/audio quality (no
>> uncorrectable errors). The problem comes when they are tuned to the
>> same multiplex. In that case, signal level goes down and errors grow,
>> making them unusable.
>> Right now I have "solved" the problem disabling one of the two
>> internal tuners (thus, I'm using only one of the pinnacle tuners and
>> the hauppauge tuner), and I'm trying to find out if there's any config
>> option (priorities, groups?) I can make use of in order to avoid the
>> "problematic" situation (tune same multiplex on two different tuners).
> I have zero experience with DVB, but is it possible to only put channels
> from one multiplex on one turner and the other  multiplex on the other
> tuner?  Leave the Huappauge with both sets.  Give the dual tuners priority
> so that it only goes to the hauppauge if it can't use one of the dual
> tuners
> If it works then you should be able to record three separate programs as
> long as one of them is on a different multiplex to the others.
> Like I said, no experience with DVB, so if it's a dumb suggestion chalk it
> up to that.

       Well, I think it wouldn't work in the way I'd like (despite the
fact that here in Spain we have around 10 multiplexes, so I should
"balance" five and five on each of the twin tuners). Of course, doing
5/5 will allow me to record three shows on three different tuners and
three different multiplexes, but such situation is not very likely
occur (most of the broadcast here are awful programs, the only goods
at all are House and Prison Break, which happen to be both on the same
multplex :) and the problem is that when myth schedules tuners to use
to record both shows, it always uses two different physical tuners to
do it, no matter the fact that each one of the physical tuners has 4
virtual [simultaneous recordings] tuners defined) Another think to
take into consideration is the possible interference of the EPG
background loading whenever one of the tuners is recording: if the EPG
job tunes one of the twin tuners to the same multiplex than the other
twin tuner has tuned, then bad reception and glitches in video/audio
is going to happen...:-(

       I was looking for an "automagical" priority setup or such. The
5/5 mux solution could work, but is almost the same as having one of
the twin tuners disabled (my current setup), and I think this is
easier (just removed connection to source in setup), as I told,
something like "don't tune a tuner to a multiplex if another one is
tuner to that multiplex; instead, use it to do whatever you need to
do". Of course, I understand this is much more than "automagical", so
don't worry; actually I didn't expect it to be easy ;)

       Anyway, thanks for the hint!


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