[mythtv-users] mytfilldatabase question

Torbjørn Heltne torbjorn.heltne at amelektronikk.no
Mon Jun 16 14:33:56 UTC 2008

I installed my current mythtv setup close to two years ago. Maybe I was 
a bit too restrictive, but I spent an hour or two going through the 
mythfilldatabase setup, enabling only the channels the cable company 
provided. Since then the cable company has changed the contents of their 
basic package several times and now my channel list is ... "outdated".

Will it be safe to do the following:

* Stop mythbackend
* run mythfilldatabase --manual (enabling "all" channels)
* Start mythbackend

If it matters my system i based on FC6, and it is set up using the howto 
written by Jarod Wilson

Torbjørn Heltne

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