[mythtv-users] Comcast to drop analog cable

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 13:31:15 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 5:01 PM, Michael T. Dean
<mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 06/15/2008 03:31 PM, Greg Lake wrote:
>> I have had an on going feud with TW about this...I have 3 digital TV's
>> with both ATSC and Qam tuners...My question to them is why do I need a
>> STB? I don't want or  need premium content ..I want just what i pay
>> for..They just want my $7.00 each every month...
>> More people need to write their Cable providers and the FCC and state
>> commission on Cable tv and complain... Maybe if enough people speak up
>> it will get some attention....
> Or more people need to vote with their wallets and cancel their cable
> subscriptions, get an antenna, and show the cable co's how serious they
> are about unencrypted TV.
> Mike
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Yup...and every time my cable company calls asking why I only have
their internet service I tell them all about it.  IR
blasters...firewire out...all that BS...you can keep it.

I know OTA isn't an option for some, but I also know that (in my area
for example) OTA very much is an option that virtually nobody uses,
even if they're aware of it.  As a matter of fact, most people give me
funny looks when I tell them I'm receiving (let alone recording) HD TV
off my antenna.

The simple fact of the matter is that just saying no is the _only_
thing that will ever change the current state of pay TV.  Coming up
with work-arounds and kludges to all their crap (or buying Hauppauge
1212s) certainly won't.


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