[mythtv-users] Mythtv and kernel 2.6.25

Alexander Petkov greenkov at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 18:54:35 UTC 2008


I am having problems to make mythtv work with kernel 2.6.25 (Fedora 8).

The problem seems to be my capture card, a Prolink Pixelview.

Myth starts just fine, but the first time I choose LiveTV,
mythfrontend becomes unresponsive. If I press 'esc' to go back,
it takes 30 seg to return to the main menu, and I have to kill the frontend.

After that, mythbackend can not be restarted or killed (there is a defunct
myth process running).
If I reboot the computer, the partitions are busy (can not be unmounted

Going back to kernel 2.6.24, everything works just fine. I have been using
this card for years
with myth just fine. I can also play TV using mplayer without any issue on
kernel 2.6.25.
Therefore, the problem seems to be really the interaction between mythtv and
my card.
End quote

I am experiencing the very same symptoms after upgrading to kernel 2.6.25.
Initally, I get the "Strange error flushing buffer" mesage. Afterwards
I cannot restart the backend. I m using an Avertv and hauppage bttv
cards. Going back to kernel 2.6.24 brings things back to a working
mythtv system.

Any ideas?


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