[mythtv-users] Switching between Mythtv and Amarok

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Sun Jun 15 15:43:13 UTC 2008


Thanks for continuing to help.

>> How do I get a command that's executed in the main menu to tell LIRC 
>> which mode to be in?
> There is no "supported" way of doing so.

Bummer. Well, I could live without it I guess.

> If, even with repeat=0 you still get double keypresses
> ... If so, you need to fix your lircd.conf.

Easier said than done.

I looked around on the net, and the closest advice I could find about 
the lircd.conf file was that the toggle_bit setting needs to be "2". 
Mine is already at "2". I tried "1" and "3" to see what would happen, 
and both made the remote unusable.

I did come across this thread which claimed to have a workaround in the 
lircrc file:

Basically, one adds:
config = echo '' > /dev/null
... before every config setting so that the first of the double signals 
is ignored.

Didn't make any difference on my computer.

It's probably also worth mentioning that the double hit problem doesn't 
happen within MythTV, only when launching and using Amarok.

Is it possible I have maybe two instances of irexec running or something 
like that?

Dave M G

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