[mythtv-users] No EPG via BVB

mike lewis lachlanlewis at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 12:56:43 UTC 2008

Howdy Team.

My myth setup records via DVB-T.  I've noticed one particular channel
has no EPG information "by default".  I've checked the channel
configuration in "mythbackend setup" and EPG is allowed.  When I watch
the channel, the EPG is captured and uploaded, ie, after watching I
have 2 days of EPG.  But once the 2 days of data has expired I have to
watch the channel again to update the EPG.

My other channels don't have this issue.  It's almost like there is a
timer going off inside myth somewhere that tunes the chanel for a
minute or so each day and gets the EPG, but for some reason it's not
tuning this particylar channel??

I was just thinking about setting up a 10 minute record everynight at
2am to grap some EPG, but I though maybe there were some other
settings I needed to investigate??

I'm running mythbuntu 7.10.


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