[mythtv-users] Switching between Mythtv and Amarok

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Sun Jun 15 10:18:40 UTC 2008


Thanks so much for your informative responses. I think I'm getting a 
handle on this and I'm almost there.

There are two remaining issues, which I hope are relatively small clean 
up issues.

1. I finally understand how to switch modes within the .lircrc file. So 
if I press the "Music" key on my remote, the control goes from mythtv to 

However, the modes don't switch if I select the entry in the MythTV menu 
(which I prefer to do, or at least would rather not give up on the 
option yet).

How do I get a command that's executed in the main menu to tell LIRC 
which mode to be in? I would assume that means further editing of the 
mainmenu.xml file, beyond what I already have - which, just for 
reference, is just:
<action>EXEC amarok</action>

2. When I press the "Music" button on my remote, I still get two 
instances of Amarok started. I think this is because the remote is 
sending multiple signals for each one time I hit a button.

I suspect this is the case because when I'm in Amarok, and I hit the 
"Skip" button to go forward one song, it jumps two songs over.

I tried adjusting the "repeat" option on the settings in .lircrc for the 
affected buttons. But setting it low, to 1, makes skipping forward jump 
four or five songs. Higher numbers like 6 or 10 seem to still jump by 
two with each one press of the button.

Can I calm down my remote so that I can be sure it's only sending one 
instance of a signal?

Thanks for any advice.

Dave M G

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