Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jun 14 22:05:59 UTC 2008

On Saturday 14 June 2008 15:45:12 Rick wrote:
> What would be nice is for Hauppage to release the serial number block of
> the units with the faulty chips. I think serial #'s from 2108 on are
> good and some later 2008 ones, but I'm not sure because nobody is
> telling us.  I've got two of the units and wasn't planning on using them
> until they worked with mythtv.  Now I've got to figure out how to test
> them just to see if I've got faulty units. Oh the travails of an early
> adopter!

FWIW Mine is 2108 - 10607668

It does not appear to have the overheating problem. I have been able to 
capture clips over 1 hour with Windows.

I'm still waiting for someone with a "bad" unit to measure the power draw, 
that might be an easy way to tell the god from the bad. Mine draws 8 watts.


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