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Sat Jun 14 21:47:03 UTC 2008

I tried a very long record under windows that was fine.
it was however just a DVD source not HD.
under linux I have on occasion gotten it to record HD but after
a while the color starts to go funky and then it stops.
trying to reload hdpvr drivers at this point fail. after a power cycle
all is well. I suspect not so much heating issues but just voltage issues
on the thing. I will RMA it next week.

playing however vlc plays it just nicely, as does my trunk mythtv.
fast forwarding and jumping however are problematic in both.

} I tried mine out on Windows XP and Linux last night and this morning.
}  I was able to capture ok for awhile but the longest clip I got was 30
} minutes (and various smaller captures).  After a short time it just
} stops capturing.  It doesn't lock up anything and it doesn't seem
} overly hot.  After it stops like this I need to power cycle it to get
} it capturing again.
} I am not sure this is the same issue as the overheating/freezing
} issue... what do you think?
} Anyway I was happy to see the Linux driver working well enough to
} capture even if I had to play it back on Windows...  Any Linux players
} handling this stuff?  I tried myth trunk and mplayer and they weren't
} too happy.
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