[mythtv-users] please dont yell at me

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Fri Jun 13 15:20:42 UTC 2008

brian boyle wrote:
> hey folks.
>    I had a hard drive failure this past weekend and need to rebuild my 
> back end server. I use 4 - 250gig drives in a jbod array (sata 2 
> drives using the on board controller that i had to use Linux software 
> raid with). I also run my own little web site for family purposes 
> (also including mythweb).

If it were my box, I wouldn't use RAID at all.  I've been burnt before 
with the "lose one disk, lose everything" scenario that you've just 
experienced.  In Myth 0.21, there's the concept of storage groups which 
eliminates the need for concatenating drives into one large volume.  You 
simply list the drives as members of the storage group and Myth will use 
them all.  There are even some undocumented ways to select device 
priority and such.  Google should reveal the secrets.  :)

> So, based on the above config, what would be your choice for a 
> Distribution. my front end machine is an Ubuntu box but my back end 
> before it died was running FC7. I wanted to use Ubuntu but it does not 
> by default use raid and i would like to continue to use the jbod setup 
> (or perhaps raid 5 if i can talk myself into losing the extra space). 
> i looked at and downloaded mythdora but i am unfamiliar with it and i 
> am worried it my not be the best choice for my web server as well.

As long as it meets your needs, use what you know.  It makes things so 
much easier.   :)



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