[mythtv-users] Yet another mythmovies grabber

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 11:14:02 UTC 2008

I had some trouble with the googlemovies script that someone else had
been posted, so I've created yet another one. It's been designed to
work for Australian movies from Google Movies, but it also seems to
work for UK and USA.

You can find it at
http://www.oaklands.aust.com/mythtv/gmythmovies.zip. It's a total hack
as I'm not a perl programmer, but it works - at the moment at least.
If the Google Movies page layout changes the script will almost
certainly break.

To use it you just specify the postcode in the MythMovies settings
screen in MythTV and enter the following as the command line:
         /path/to/script/gmythmovies.pl %z

Don't forget to make it executable if it's not already.


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