[mythtv-users] Digital Signal seems to weaken sometimes

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 10:34:22 UTC 2008


I have been running myth for nearly 4 years now, almost problem-less
for quite a while.  I have pretty much always had three tuners and no
problems with reception.

For two days now, I have seen recordings that are all pixellated and
broken up.  They playback but it is unbearable, especially with the
stuttery audio too.  Today, I managed to see a recording that started
off fine turn bad, then another recording was started that went from
bad to being fine reception.  When one channel is bad, they are all
bad.  When they are good they are all good.  It isn't only my mythbox
that seems affected, but all other TVs in the house.

Could it be that too many people are tuned into the same signal?  I am
in Brisbane/Australia and it generally happens at around 6:30pm and
lasts an hour or two :\


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