[mythtv-users] Help! Can't change channels after upgrade

peter at vanderwal.us peter at vanderwal.us
Wed Jun 11 12:26:47 UTC 2008

> On 10/06/2008, peter at vanderwal.us <peter at vanderwal.us> wrote:
>>  The channels all show up in the OSD but it won't go to the new channel
>>  when I select it.
>>  Checked the logs and the backend error is:
>>  TVRec(2): HW Tuner 2->2
>>  Channel(/dev/video) Error: GetCurrentChannelNum(244): Failed to find
>> Channel
>>  Channel(/dev/video)::TuneTo(244): Error, failed to find channel
> The tuning process is trying to access a channel that does not exist.
>>  TVRec(2) Error: Failed to set channel 58
>>  Finished recording:  channel 4294967295
> That channel number looks very wrong to me. It's equal to 2^32 - 1,
> which I don't think is intentional. Usually it's a 3, 4 or 5 digit
> number created when the channel is added to MythTV.
>>  TVRec(2) Error: GetProgramRingBufferForLiveTV()
>>               Program Info is invalid.
> Check your database for errors (use optimize_mythdb.pl, details on the
> wiki and in the docs) and if that passes fine, check your channels
> config in mythtv-setup to ensure that the channum and freqid fields
> have sensible numbers in them.
> The 'freqid' field is what the tuning script is being passed by the
> backend to change channel on the STB. The 'channum' field is what you
> would enter in mythfrontend on the remote to change channel. The
> 'chanid' field needs to be unique for each channel you have
> configured.

Hmm, that might be the problem.  I'm at work right now, but I'm pretty
sure the Freqid is blank.

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