[mythtv-users] please dont yell at me

Yann Lehmann aristide at vtxmail.ch
Wed Jun 11 16:58:30 UTC 2008

brian boyle wrote:
>   So, based on the above config, what would be your choice for a 
> Distribution. my front end machine is an Ubuntu box but my back end 
> before it died was running FC7. I wanted to use Ubuntu but it does not 
> by default use raid and i would like to continue to use the jbod setup 
> (or perhaps raid 5 if i can talk myself into losing the extra space). i 
> looked at and downloaded mythdora but i am unfamiliar with it and i am 
> worried it my not be the best choice for my web server as well.

What do you mean by 'Ubuntu does not by default use raid' ?

The live cds (or dvds) don't let you configure raid devices during the 
install process, but the alternate cds do.

That way, you could install a minibal base system and add your preferred 
stuff (MythTV + ...) over it.


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