[mythtv-users] Ubuntu users, rejoyce!

Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 01:33:39 UTC 2008

Nicolas Will wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-06-10 at 23:06 +0100, Damian wrote:
>> Just out of interest (as I'm thinking I must be missing something),
>> what 
>> does this do for a DVB card that isn't set up automatically?
> If you own a card that is not supported, badly supported or got greater
> support since the Ubuntu release, you can either wait for the next
> release and be out of luck, or get the v4l-dvb tree and compile it
> manually.
> In this situation, you will have to manually recompile the tree at each
> kernel update during the release (because of security or major bugs).
> This is annoying, at least IMO.
> The package provided by Martin uses a very recent tree, bringing all the
> latest and greatest drivers, uses DKMS.
> DKMS will automatically recompile the tree for you at each kernel
> upgrade. This is great, IMO, as it makes updates smoother.
> Now the trick is to maintain that package with a fresh v4l-dvb tree. I'm
> going to try help Martin with this.

This is a great and needed idea. I've had growing pains with previous 
versions of ubuntu when trying to upgrade the kernel. There have been 
times where compiling from source simply wouldn't work due to broken 
kernel sources (which have been in ubuntu kernels a few times now). This 
is definitely going to be useful in the future.

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