[mythtv-users] HD-PVR weirdness

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Tue Jun 10 03:35:43 UTC 2008

what are you using to "view" the stream?
the bypass or the usb stream?
would like to test mine for heat issues but didnt want to 
have to install sagetv to see if I have an overheating issue.


Justin Kim <justinlkim at gmail.com>, said on Mon Jun 09, 2008 [11:32:41 PM]:
} At 8:17 PM -0700 6/9/08, Bob Sully wrote:
} >Apparently (see Steve Heistand's post), they shipped out a bunch with a
} >heat problem.  I have a second one on order - I think I'll wait until it
} >gets here before I send this one back.
} Icing mine down seems to have improved its stability quite a bit . 
} Been watching an HD stream for several minutes and it hasn't quit 
} yet.  I think I'll have a chat with tech support tomorrow and see if 
} I can't RMA the unit I have now.
} Justin
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