[mythtv-users] HD-PVR weirdness

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 10 02:48:25 UTC 2008

On Monday 09 June 2008 19:57:43 Ronald Frazier wrote:
> > I have also noted that the thing runs pretty warm - if I close the
> > cabinet door, decreasing ventilation, I sometimes lose the picture, too -
> > wonder if  they're just heat-sensitive, or whether this particular one is
> > flawed.
> I'm a bit surprised. The specs only list it as 10 watts. I wouldn't
> expect something of that power level to generate so much heat. You
> wouldn't happen to own a kill-a-watt, would you? Also, does it have an
> external power converter or is it internal?

I have one hooked up to a (shudder) Windows box (I hated to have to install 
that OS just to play with the 1212, took hours to get all the updates 

It does not appear to run any warmer than I would expect, certainly nothing 
I'd worry about. 

KAW says 8 watts - 12 va.

It is an external PS (wall wart).


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