[mythtv-users] Remote becomes non-effective mid-show

joe.white at wachovia.com joe.white at wachovia.com
Mon Jun 9 15:20:22 UTC 2008

I am using the USB IR receiver with a mceusb2 remote on a combo 0.21 FE/BE 
(standard definition). (just upgraded from 0.20)  IRW is responsive, as is 
menu navigation in MythTV.  When I watch a recording, the remote is 
initially effective, but then becomes non responsive after five or ten 
minutes.  I can get remote function back if I turn on the bluetooth 
keyboard, and pound the P key until the MythBox responds.  Once the 
keyboard input registers after about ten taps, the remote will function 
again...sometimes for the duration of the show, sometimes not.

The posts I have found where this occurs seem more system-wide than in my 
* In "mceusb2 remote and receiver slow to respond?", James sees the 
problem in IRW.  I do not. 
* I do not see any conflicts in cat /proc/interrupts. 
*PCI Latency, likewise *seems* to be non-situational -- does it even 
*my processor (4200 Brisbane) is untaxed

What else might I check?


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