[mythtv-users] MPAA wants to stop DVRs from recording some movies

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 15:15:45 UTC 2008

> From TFA, it sounds like what SOC does is enable the digital stream to tell
> the STB to turn off any outputs that don't have content protection (like the
> component outputs).  It sounds to me like the implication is that the
> general STB probably already has SOC implemented, but that the FCC does not
> allow it to be used.  What the studios want to do is get an exception to
> turn on SOC for first-run movies.  Of course once they get that foot in the
> door...
I wonder how customers will take that when they can not watch new
releases because of that and the cable company tells them they need to
buy a new TV to fix this...


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