[mythtv-users] recording from SCART

Bert Van Kets mythtv-users at vankets.com
Mon Jun 9 14:39:45 UTC 2008

OK, I'm having a Homer Simpson _DOH_  moment.

I just checked the Hauppage website and the MCE version of the PVR-150 
card - which I'm using - even has cinch connectors for the audio. This 
allows me to use regular audio cables. :-D Add a S-VHS and a SCART 
break-out connector and I'm golden.

Now where is that website containing the script for using the MS Remote 
as an IR blaster ................

David Watkins wrote:
> On 09/06/2008, Bert Van Kets <mythtv-users at vankets.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I just got digital television here in Belgium using Telenet as a
>> provider. They have a specific decoder box with its proper remote. This
>> box only has SCART out for the digital channels. Normally, this would be
>> connected to the TV, however I want to get this signal go through my
>> MythTV box so I have all the good stuff. ;-)
>> How can I capture the signal from the SCART connector using one of my
>> two PVR-150 cards in my FEBE MythTV 0.20 system?
>> I could use the S-VHS connection for video, but what about audio?
> The PVR150 has a separate audio input for recording from SVideo.
> You've just got to find the right cable with a SCART input on one end
> and SVideo and audio out on the other.
> SCART includes audio - you've just got to find the right cable.  Make
> sure you get the right direction ie SCART to SVideo/Audio, rather than
> SVideo/Audio to
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