[mythtv-users] MythTV on AppleTV

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Mon Jun 9 02:49:37 UTC 2008

>On Jun 8, 2008, at 6:06 PM, robbinsck1 at gmail.com wrote:
>>  So are the apple tv front end a good choice for a no noise simple to 
>>  use mythbuntu 8.04 frontend? And can you use a windows mce remote?
>Assuming you are connecting to a component or HDMI (or DVI with 
>adaptor) display, yes. The only remote the hardware will recognize is 
>the Apple remote. It has very few buttons on its own, but you can get 
>the codes for several apple remotes and tell your ATV to recognize 
>them all. Map them to different functions in lirc and use a learning 
>remote to learn the AppleTV remote codes. Sort of annoying, but it 
>There's some info about it here: 
>   and google knows about more details. :)

You can also do composite (which I've done) and maybe s-video (not 
tried). Composite uses one of the component RCA outputs and I suspect 
s-video might use two RCA outputs. This does assume some sort of dual 
RCA to s-video adapter.

Most Harmony remotes can be used to support more buttons using the 
internal IR receiver, several people have done this. In addition, JP1 
programmable remotes can also be used with the internal IR receiver. 
Both of these methods do require some small investment of time to get 
working. The MS USB mce receiver/remote works well and is pretty 
inexpensive (less than $30) but does mean a USB hub if you are using 
USB disk/flash for boot or bootstrap.

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