[mythtv-users] System upgrade - 150 (200) to spend

Sarah Katherine Hayes sarah at sarahhayes.is-a-geek.net
Sun Jun 8 23:27:38 UTC 2008

> > 512 mb memory

My general, finger in the air advice, would be to take it to 1Gb.  The
*buntu variations can be quite memory hungry.  But TBQFH anything more
is utter overkill even for a heavily in use system (my laptop doesn't
break 1Gb all that often despite running games via Wine and a multitude
of OOo documents open). 

However, 1.2Ghz should playback most SD content I'd have thought, even
h264'd stuff should play ok assuming it's either NTSC or PAL SD in frame

Might be worth while saying what's happening/not happening/changed as it
could be something really stupid like the nvidia drivers aren't loaded
and it's reverted to nv (or tracker is running and sucking CPU or...

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