[mythtv-users] Myth on a Fujuitsu -Siemens Scaleo E

Guenther Sohler guenther.sohler at gmx.at
Sun Jun 8 15:59:56 UTC 2008

Dear Group,

I have bought a very nice HTPC. Its a Scaleo E und it looks pretty nice.

I even uncovered an VGA Plug now :) which was hidden with a label "DO NOT REMOVE" :)

I installed KnoppMyth and a I achieved very basic Functionality(looking TV) but without channel name nor recording ...

I have got many questions:

Can anybody share special configuration hints special to my HTPC ?

* What is my remote control type to select with LIRC ?
* Is it possible to set utilize the internal lcd display ?
* is it possible to set the resolution to something like 352x288 to make my very old tv happy ?

*Are there detailled technical specifications available for the LCD DISplay(how to program, usb protocols ...)

thank you in advance 

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