[mythtv-users] Plugin suggestion?

Adam Stylinski kungfujesus06 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 02:19:13 UTC 2008

This may be the wrong mailing list for this or a suggestion that has already
been made, but I'll post it anyway.

Last night I had the desire to order pizza but didn't want to pick up a
phone.  I visited papajohns.com from mythbrowser, only to find it was a *
very* limited browser (javascript is disabled).  I resorted to making my
.xinitrc start opera with evilwm instead of mythtv for the time being, but
the idea suddenly occurred to me.  We have all seen the perl script
"pizza-party" which allows you to order from dominos with your account
information on their website.  What if somebody (and I'm no CGI/Perl wiz,
this is why I'm suggesting it) wrote a mythplugin which allowed you to
configure it to a specific account for different pizza places?  There is
currently one which displays movie times in a similar manner.  This script
should allow you to do everything the webpages do (including using a payment
standard other than the default one).  Anyway, this is just a suggestion.
If nobody wants to take up the challenge I may take it on in the future when
I have time to learn perl and CGI POST methods.
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