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On Jun 6, 2008, at 2:07 PM, belcampo wrote:

 >>> >>> Hi all,
 >>> >>>
 >>> >>> Is it be possible, if yes, then how, to record continuously as with
 >>> >>> live-tv?
 >>> >>> What I  mean is record automatically in chunks of 30-min.
 > >
 >> >> Set a manual recording rule that records a particular channel
 >> >> starting
 >> >> at some time and ending at some other time. Not sure why you want to
 >> >> do this. I guess because you want all your old programs to expire
 >> >> constantly to make room for these new recordings you probably won't
 >> >> watch?
 > >
 > > No I need it for a special occasion/situation. The 30-min liv-tv
 > > chunks
 > > I can concatenate. If I do it manually for say 12-hours I need to
 > > setup
 > > 24 recording-rules per channel and I don't know if they will fit
 > > together as with the live-tv chunks.

 > Set it up to manually record 30 minutes. Start at 12. End at 12:30,
 > Start at 12:30, end at 1:00.
 > Still not sure what sort of special situation would warrant such a
 > thing. I'm sure whatever you're trying to do has an easier way.  :)
I eagerly like to learn to easy way :)
A street-block, the street where I live, wants to offer 15 channels for 
10 days to participants.
So when my neighbour would tell me today that he saw a very interesting 
documentary 3 days ago on channel .. which was originally aired at 
..:.., when I am at work, and didn't recognize as interesting, would 
simply be able to watch.

The idea is that we, the 100 participants, have a satelite-dish for 4 
satelites with each a quad-lnb which gives us the possibility to record 
from 4 x 4 transponders with each 4 - 6 FTA channels.

So we have the possibility to choose from 4 x 4 x 5 = 80 channels.
But then each individual had to schedule what he or she wants.

I'm pretty confident we can agree on 15 channels, rather homogenious 
group of viewers.
If those 15 channels are continuously recorded over a period of 16hours 
a day, everyone always has everything he/she wants.

Those 100 participants will be connected with each other and share 1 
parallel-filesystem as used in grid-computing.

So recording only once for everybody.

I'm open/looking/hoping for a simpler way.:)

Henk Schoneveld

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