[mythtv-users] Two problems (bugs?) with live TV

Allen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Sat Jun 7 02:11:44 UTC 2008

1) The OSD is sometimes there and sometimes the computer gets into a
mode with no OSD.  It still responds to the keys, but there is no OSD
For example, if I hit down to change channels, I can't see where I
will go but it I hit the ENTER key, it changes channels correctly.
Does not clear when I restart X-server.
2) If I switch to a channel that is off the air, like 9.1 here in SF
that only broadcasts starting 5PM, I get a black screen and a frozen
frontend.  I restart and if I try and watch TV, it tries to go to that
channel and locks up again.  To clear, I have to record another
channel, then delete the program created, then I can start live TV
from that channel.

Mythbuntu 8.04
Pinncale USB DTV tuner
Nivida S-Video running XvMC

Are these bugs that I should report?  Is there some setting I need to change.

I googled around a bit for these but could find nothing.


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