[mythtv-users] Sloooow database

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Fri Jun 6 16:10:06 UTC 2008

Hey everyone, here's something I've put up with for a long time and  
thought I'd try to resolve it. I'm using the release-21-fixes branch  
of mythtv with a separate backend and frontend. The mysql database on  
the backend (version 5.0.30) is so slow, especially when selecting  
from the program table. Flipping pages in the program guide takes over  
5 seconds at times. Bringing up the Program Finder sometimes takes  
over 30 seconds to become useable. Showing New Titles in the scheduler  
can take almost as long. Is this normal?

I run the optimize_database script every day. Right after running it,  
things seem more responsive but it quickly degrades back to its  
normally slow state. Maybe I'm missing an index or something?

Any hints appreciated, thanks. By the way, my backend machine is an  
athlon xp 2200. At present there are just over 118,000 rows in my  
program table. It has primary keys on chanid, starttime and manualid  
and secondary keys on endtime, title, previouslyshown,  
title_pronounce, seriesid and programid. I have tuned the mysql  
parameters to match the ones in messages from this list.


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